Domestic Violence

I take domestic violence very serious. Nobody deserves to live in fear in their own home. Yet the threat of physical or emotional violence is all too real for many. Thus, Kayla K. Long, LLC, is here to help Oregon families get along peacefully.

Domestic Violence Incidents

I am aware that at times things can get a little heated in relationships. Partners argue. Then, for whatever reason, one of them calls the police. On the other hand, maybe an observer contacts the authorities. The situation is now largely outside the hands of the couple. Officers can be intent on removing one or more of the subjects from the property. The police will want to arrest someone.

Get Competent Legal Advice

If you have been charged with domestic violence, I can explain what really happened to help avoid a permanent criminal record.

Likewise, I am here for anyone who needs to keep a violent partner away from them. The courts can issue a restraining order on this predator. I can help persuade the officials to take action. I initiate the legal process to end the cycle of fear.

If you are involved in a domestic violence situation, do not wait before contacting Kayla K. Long, LLC, serving Tillamook County, Oregon.