Major Felony

A felony conviction has serious consequences. Felons find it very difficult to get a well-paying job. Renting an apartment may prove a problem. As soon as people find out someone is an ex-con, they tend to view that person in a negative light. Yes, I know it is quite unfair. So, what can be done?

Get Proper Legal Advice

The best thing to do is contact me at Kayla K. Long, LLC. I am experienced in handling all types of major felony cases. My goal is to ensure that clients either get proven not guilty or settle for a lesser charge. Either way, they have avoided the stigma of being a major felony in Oregon.

I Know the Way Things Work

Arresting officers and prosecutors can make mistakes when trying to prove a client guilty. They take shortcuts. Well, a lawyer who has never tried a major felony case may miss the blunder. As a result, the authorities get away with something that could have turned the case in favor of the defendant.

With a decade working as a Deputy District Attorney, I know how to discern when something is not right. I can force the other side to play fair and dismiss the charges or settle on a lesser count. Defendants often avoid prison time and can get on with life.

Reach Out to Me

A major felony conviction can ruin a life. Contact Kayla K. Long, LLC, serving Tillamook County, Oregon, to discuss the best strategy to prevent this from happening.